help What is a Padel Court? chevron_right

A Padel Court is a purpose-built playing area for Padel, with dimensions of 20 meters by 10 meters. It is encircled by glass panels and wire fencing, and the surface is made of artificial turf or synthetic materials, providing superior traction and comfort for players.

help How Do I Book a Padel Court? chevron_right

Visit our website and confidently click 'Book Court' to easily and conveniently book our padel courts at any of our three locations across Dubai.

help How Do I Play Padel? chevron_right

In Padel, players need to grasp the fundamental rules and techniques. The game is played on a court divided by a net, and the aim is to hit the ball over the net and into the opponent’s side without it going out of bounds or hitting the walls. Various shots and strategies can be employed to outmaneuver opponents and score points. We also offer padel coaching in Dubai for beginners.

help What Are the Rules of Padel? chevron_right

In Padel, the play begins with an underarm serve from the right service court. The server must allow the ball to bounce once and be hit at or below waist level. The server must keep at least one foot on the ground when serving. It is a valid serve if the ball bounces in the service box and strikes the side or back wall. If the ball hits the net, it is a let and must be replayed. All players are permitted to play a ball off any of the walls on their own side of the

help How Do I Play Padel Effectively? chevron_right

To play padel effectively, it's vital to hone your footwork, positioning, and communication with your partner. Perfect your shot placement to keep your opponents on their toes. To enhance your skills, ensure consistent practice and seek guidance from seasoned players.

help How Do I Know Which Racket Is Suitable for Me? chevron_right

If you're new to padel, it's important to think about the weight and grip size of your racket. Choosing a lightweight racket is best because it gives you more control and makes it easier to move around. When it comes to grip size, you should try different types to see which one feels most comfortable for you.

help Is Padel Easier Than Tennis? chevron_right

Padel is often seen as an easier alternative to tennis because of its smaller court size, solid walls, and simpler rules. The smaller court means you can get closer to the net without having to run long distances. Plus, the solid walls help keep the ball in play. Its simplified rules make it easier for beginners to pick up and enjoy the game.

help Is Padel A Popular Sport in Dubai? chevron_right

Yes, it is. Padel has become increasingly popular due to the city’s active sports culture. Moreover, at Padel Pro, we offer outdoor and indoor padel courts, so you can book according to your preference.